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The iconic Cubric sideboard whose main appeal lies in the contrast of its faceted steel front and warm wood top has now been released in a limited edition all-wood version.

Without the juxtaposition of the steel the wood grain is able to unfold its luminous beauty unabated, only to be enhanced by the doors’ faceted shape.

Doors top and sides with 45 degrees edges.

Available both in american walnut and coke oak and with 2 or 3 doors.


The Lilia chair, introducing a new seating era.

In our quest to create the perfect chair we are constantly inspired by new ideas and manufacturing techniques.
Designers Stefano Sandonà and Sabrina Bettini bring you the Lilia Chair. Named after the flower that symbolizes purity, beauty and grace, the design of the Lilia chair draws heavily upon the harmonious beauty of nature.

With its contoured plastic body and cut-out back detail, the Lilia is available in four colors and optional leather, faux leather and fabric upholstery.

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Our best-selling fixed-top Shanghai table is now also available in the extendable version.

The Shanghai features two 40cm extension leafs that can be safely locked into place. The innovative extension mechanism keeps alterations to the table’s overall shape to a minimum by allowing an extension leaf to be mounted on a pull-out steel slide on either end. Even when extended the Shanghai dining table preserves its elegance and the uniformity of its wood grain.


A successful marriage of modern design and traditional materials.

The cool asymmetrical stainless steel and tempered glass legs form a striking contrast to the warmth of the solid oak top.

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