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Riflessi the main sponsor of the exhibition:

“Painting after Postmodernism”

Reggia di Caserta 13 April – 16 June 2018


 Belgio – USA – Italy
Exibition By Barbara Rossi


For Riflessi the Italian cultural heritage is a precious treasure to protect and support, capable of providing creative stimuli and an innate sense of beauty to the craftsmen of our Country: over the years the company has contributed to promoting some of the most beautiful locations in our country in terms of valorisation and visibility, among which an exceptional example is the Royal Palace of Caserta.



It is not surprising that Riflessi decided to seize the opportunity to support “Painting after Modernism | Belgium Italy USA” convincingly, an exhibition that presents and fuses the works of Belgian, American, and Italian artists within the royal spaces, curated by the famous Barbara Rose. The decision to take part in initiatives of this kind is in line with the ‘Riflessi Art’ project, which reflects the company’s desire to approach art by supporting its events or by manufacturing products embracing this world more and more.

For further information, please visit the page of the event: Painting after Postmodernism