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Modern and bright 400 sq Riflessi exhibition space


Riflessi Store Rome is situated in the central Po Street, where the most lively and fascinating districts come together. Moreover this area represent the meeting point among cultural and international presences, some of the best hotel in the city and very demanding and shrewd customers.
The store is divided on two floors with 6 shop windows onto the street. Furniture and accessories blend aesthetic, design, craftsmanship and show the different way of contemporary living experiences.


The visual counterpoint underlines the interior dynamic architecture and characterizes the contrast between marquinia black ceramic of the floor and wall statuary white. As backdrop huge velvet curtains.


Riflessi brings its lifestyle and  its genuine made in Italy collection right in the heart of the city.
Here you will find unique products made with different materials and capable of satisfying customers needs and tastes.





              via Po 3,  00198 – Rome
              Ph. +39 06 8913 5530
              Opening: Monday-Saturday 09:00-19:30